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Part Details Brand Kit Type Chuck Type Speed Voltage Rating Wattage Kit Contents Plug Type Model Number
RS Pro RC9005 Cutting and Grinding Kit RS Pro Cutting and Grinding Kit - - - - Grinding Stones and Wheels, Mini Steel Circular Saws Blades and Diamond Cutting Blades, Reinforced Cutting Discs - RC9005
RS Pro RC9004 HSS Carving and Milling Kit RS Pro HSS Carving and Milling Kit - - - - Cone, Glass and Various Metals, Plastics, Stone, Taper and Cylinder for Use On Wood, Various Shapes-Round - RC9004
RS Pro RC9002 30 Piece Cleaning and Polishing Kit RS Pro 30 Piece Cleaning and Polishing Kit - - - - Felt and Cotton Buffs and Sander Bands Effective for Cleaning and Polishing of Small Work Pieces, Wire and Nylon Brushes - RC9002
RS Pro RC9001 Sanding and Shaping Kit RS Pro Sanding and Shaping Kit - - - - Flap Sanders, Sander Bands and Sanding Discs for Removal and Renovation On Smaller Work Pieces - RC9001
RS Pro PMC9400 Accessory Kit RS Pro Accessory Kit - - - - 2x2.35 mm, 3.2 mm Dia, Big Polishing Wheels (x4), Collets: 1.5, Cotton Wheel, Cutting Discs (x167), Diamond Points (x5), Drill Bits (x4): 2x1.5, Flap Sander, Grinding Stones (x10), Grinding Wheels (x12), Mandrels (x3), Milling Cutters (x2), Nylon Brushes (x3), Polishing Wheel Shank, Reinforced Cutting Discs (x5), Rubber Wheels (x2), Sander Drum Mandrels (x2), Sanding Discs (x150), Sanding Drums (x12), Sharpening Stone, Small Polishers (x6), Spanner/Screwdriver, Wire Brushes (x4), 2, 2.35 - PMC9400
RS Pro RC230 Rotary Tool Kit, Type G - British 3-pin RS Pro Rotary Tool Kit Collet 8000 → 25000rpm 230V ac 87W 100 Accessories Type G - British 3-pin RC230
High Power LCD Rotary Tool Kit RS Pro Power Tools Kit Collet 8000 → 35000rpm 230V - 1 mm Collet, 2.35 mm Collet, 3 mm Collet, 3.2 mm (100) Collet - RC250X
RS Pro Rotary Tool Kit, Type C - EuroPlug, Type G - British 3-pin RS Pro Rotary Tool Kit - 8000 → 18000rpm 12V - Rotary Tool, Transformer, Various Accessories (x60) Type C - EuroPlug, Type G - British 3-pin -
RS Pro RC 230 EURO Corded Drill Kit, Type F - Schuko plug RS Pro Corded Drill Kit - 8000 → 25000rpm 230V 87W Miniature Electric Drill with 100 Accessories for Cutting; Grinding; Polishing; Cleaning & Engraving, Robust Carry Case Type F - Schuko plug RC 230 EURO
12 piece cutting kit RS Pro Cutting Kit - - - - 12-Piece Fine and Medium Cutting Set for Cutting into Plastics and Woods Etc - -
RS Pro APT650 Air Body Saw RS Pro Air Body Saw - 9000rpm - - Air Body Saw - APT650
RS Pro RC09/EU Cordless Rotary Tool Kit, Euro Plug RS Pro Cordless Rotary Tool Kit Collet 10000 → 25000rpm 9.6V - Hanging Ring, LED Light Adapter Type C - EuroPlug RC09/EU
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