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Part Details Brand Type Roller Diameter Roller Length Static Load Rating Dynamic Load Rating Ring Slide & Track System Bearing Type Bore Size
Stud track roller,28mm L x 16mm OD RS Pro Stud 16mm 28mm 3800N 3700N Eccentric 6mm
Stud track roller,36 mm L x 22mm OD RS Pro Stud 22mm 36mm 6500N 5700N Eccentric 10mm
Stud track roller,40mm L x 30mm OD RS Pro Stud 30mm 40mm 9700N 8100N Eccentric 12mm
Yoke type track roller,30mm OD 10mm ID RS Pro Yoke 30mm 15mm 9700N 8100N Eccentric 10mm
Stud track roller,32mm L x 19mm OD RS Pro Stud 19mm 32mm 4600N 4250N Eccentric 8mm
Stud track roller,52mm L x 35mm OD RS Pro Stud 35mm 52mm 19000N 12900N Eccentric 16mm
Yoke type track roller,35mm OD 15mm ID RS Pro Yoke 35mm 19mm 19000N 12900N Eccentric 15mm
Stud track roller,36mm L x 26mm OD RS Pro Stud 26mm 36mm 6500N 5700N Eccentric 10mm
Yoke type track roller,19mm OD 6mm ID RS Pro Yoke 19mm 12mm 4600N 4250N Eccentric 6mm
Yoke type track roller,40mm OD 17mm ID RS Pro Yoke 40mm 21mm 20400N 14200N Eccentric 17mm
Yoke type track roller,32mm OD 12mm ID RS Pro Yoke 32mm 15mm 11000N 8700N Eccentric 12mm
Stud track roller,40mm L x 32mm OD RS Pro Stud 32mm 40mm 9700N 8100N Eccentric 12mm
Yoke type track roller,16mm OD 5mm ID RS Pro Yoke 16mm 12mm 3800N 3700N Eccentric 5mm
Yoke type track roller,24mm OD 8mm ID RS Pro Yoke 24mm 15mm 7700N 6800N Eccentric 8mm
Yoke type track roller,52mm OD 25mm ID RS Pro Yoke 52mm 25mm 38000N 21200N Eccentric 25mm
Yoke type track roller,47mm OD 20mm ID RS Pro Yoke 47mm 25mm 32000N 19500N Eccentric 20mm
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