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Part Details Brand Recently Introduced Monitoring Point Number of Connections Terminal Type Terminal Size Supply Voltage Height Number of Operators Number of Worksurfaces Length Width Supervisor Monitoring Parking Station Minimum Operating Temperature Operating Temperature Range Includes Maximum Operating Temperature
ESD Continuous Monitor 5V dc RS Pro new products only Mat, Wrist 2 Banana 2 x 4 mm Banana 5V dc 30 mm - - 61mm 69mm - - 0°C 0 → +40°C Alligator Clip, Certificate of Calibration, Flat Head Screw 6-32 thread, Mat Monitor Cord, Monitor Ground Cord, Mounting Bracket, Pan Head Screws, Power Adapter, Push & Clinch Snap, Ring Terminal, Tool Monitor Cord, Washer +40°C
ESD Continuous Monitor 220V ac RS Pro new products only Mat 6 Banana 10mm 220V ac 51 mm - - 51mm 76mm - - 0°C 0 → +40°C #10 Split Washers x 6, 10-32 x 1/4 in Screws x 6, Banana Plug to 10mm Snap Adapter x 3, Certificate of Calibration, EBP Continuous Monitor +40°C
Multi Mount Continuous Monitor, 220V RS Pro - Mat, Wrist 2 - 10 (Snap)mm 24V ac 22.9 mm 1 1 98.3mm 52.8mm No Yes 0°C 0 → +40°C - +40°C
ESD Continuous Monitor 50V ac RS Pro - Mat, Wrist 2+E Banana - 50V ac 3 cm - - 11.4cm 6.4cm - - - - Alligator Clip, Banana Plug / Wire Adapter, Certificate of Calibration, Monitor Calibration Unit, Stacking Snap Adapter -
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