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Part Details Brand Converter Type Featured Device For Use With Kit Classification Kit Name Resolution
Advanced Universal Analog I/P ADC081C021 XinaBox ADC ADC081C021 - Module - 8-bit
Advanced Universal Digi I/P ADC081C021 XinaBox ADC ADC081C021 - Module - 8-bit
JustBoom DAC HAT for Raspberry Pi Pi Supply DAC PCM5122 Raspberry Pi HAT JustBoom 32-Bit
JustBoom DAC add-on board Pi Supply DAC PCM5102A Raspberry Pi Add On Board JustBoom 24-bit
Counter Click Board MikroElektronika ADC LS7366R LS7366R 32-Bit Quadrature Counter Add On Board Counter Click 32-Bit
Analog Devices,EVAL-AD5933EBZ Analog Devices ADC AD5933 - Evaluation Board - 12-bit
ADC3 Click 4CH 16bit ADC Converter Board MikroElektronika ADC MCP3428 - mikroBus Click Board ADC3 Click 16-Bit
ADC2 Click 22-bit ADC Converter Board MikroElektronika ADC MCP3551 MCP3551/3 22-Bit Multichannel Analogue-To-Digital Converter Converter Module ADC2 Click 22-Bit
MCP4725 12-bit DAC Development Board Microchip DAC MCP4725 - Evaluation Board - 12-bit
18-Bit Multi-Ch ADC I2C Evaluation Board Microchip ADC MCP3424 - Evaluation Board - 18-bit
Eval. Board Heart-Rate Monitor Front End Analog Devices ADC AD8232 - Development Kit - 16-Bit
AD7124 4-Ch Thermocouple Arduino Board Analog Devices ADC CN0391 AD7124-8, ADP7118, Thermocouple Arduino Evaluation Board - 64-bit
MCP4725 DAC PICTail Plus Daughter Board Microchip DAC MCP4725 Microchip Explorer 16 Daughter Board PICtail Plus 12-bit
DAC Click Shield MikroElektronika DAC MIKROE-950 - mikroBus Click Board DAC Click 12-bit
Evaluation Board AD5370/AD5372/AD5373 Analog Devices DAC AD5370, AD5372, AD5373 - Development Kit - 16-Bit
4-channel 12-bit DAC Evaluation board Microchip DAC MCP4728 - Development Kit - 12-bit
Analog Devices,EVAL-AD5791SDZ Analog Devices DAC AD5791 - Evaluation Board - 20-bit
AD7790 Gas Detection Arduino Eval. Board Analog Devices ADC CN0357 AD5270, AD7790, AD8500, ADA4528-2, ADR3412, CO-AX Carbon Monoxide Sensor Evaluation Board - 16-Bit
Analog Devices,EVAL-AD5781SDZ Analog Devices DAC AD5781 - Evaluation Board - 18-bit
Capacitance-Digital Converter Eval.Board ON Semiconductor ADC LC717A10AR-NH Electrostatic Capacitive Touch Sensor, Measurement System Evaluation Board - 8-bit
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You are viewing 1 - 20 of 146 results