Sprag Clutch Bearings

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Part Details Brand Series Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Race Width Torque Over-running Speed Dynamic Load Rating Static Load Rating Drag Torque
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-P 20mm Stieber 62 20mm 47mm 14mm 50Nm 6000rpm 9.4kN 4.46kN 1.3Ncm
Roller Clutch Bearing ID30, OD37mm W20mm
  • RS Stock No. 174-1069
  • Brand INA
  • Mfr. Part No. HF3020-L564
INA HF 30mm 37mm 20mm 90Nm 4500rpm - - -
Drawn Cup Clutch Bearing 16mm, 22mm 26mm
  • RS Stock No. 137-1800
  • Brand INA
  • Mfr. Part No. HFL1626-L564
INA - 16mm 22mm 26mm - - 7400N 9000N -
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-P 15mm Stieber 62 15mm 35mm 11mm 17Nm 8400rpm 7.4kN 3.42kN 0.9Ncm
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-M 30mm, 2RS Seal Stieber 62 30mm 62mm 21mm 138Nm 4200rpm 11.7kN 6.45kN 7.5Ncm
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-P 35mm Stieber 62 35mm 72mm 17mm 175Nm 3600rpm 12.6kN 7.28kN 5.8Ncm
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-PP 20mm Stieber 6204 20mm 47mm 14mm 50Nm 6000rpm 9.4kN 4.46kN 1.3Ncm
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-PP 25mm Stieber 6205 25mm 52mm 15mm 85Nm 5200rpm 10.7kN 5.46kN 2Ncm
Roller Clutch Bearing ID30, OD37mm W30mm
  • RS Stock No. 174-1071
  • Brand INA
  • Mfr. Part No. HFL3030-L564
INA HFL 30mm 37mm 30mm 90Nm 4500rpm 11600N 16900N -
Roller Clutch Bearing ID35, OD42mm W30mm
  • RS Stock No. 174-1072
  • Brand INA
  • Mfr. Part No. HFL3530-L564
INA HFL 35mm 42mm 30mm 121Nm 3900rpm 12200N 18800N -
Drawn Cup Clutch Bearing 8mm, 12mm, 22mm
  • RS Stock No. 137-1796
  • Brand INA
  • Mfr. Part No. HFL0822-L564
INA - 8mm 12mm 22mm - - 3650N 3950N -
Freewheel Built-In ASNU 20mm Stieber 63 20mm 52mm 21mm 78Nm 2100 (Inner) rpm, 3100 (Outer) rpm - - 1.9Ncm
Freewheel Built-In ASNU 30mm Stieber 63 30mm 72mm 27mm 255Nm 1400 (Inner) rpm, 2200 (Outer) rpm - - 14Ncm
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-L 8mm Stieber 62 8mm 22mm 9mm 2.5Nm 15000rpm 3.28kN 0.86kN 0.5Ncm
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-M 17mm Stieber 6203 17mm 40mm 12mm 30Nm 7350rpm 7.9kN 3.8kN 1.1Ncm
Freewheel/Bearing CSK-PP 30mm Stieber 6206 30mm 62mm 16mm 138Nm 4200rpm 11.7kN 6.45kN 4.4Ncm
Roller Clutch Bearing ID3mm OD6.5mm W6mm
  • RS Stock No. 174-1068
  • Brand INA
  • Mfr. Part No. HF0306-KF-L564
INA HF 3mm 6.5mm 6mm 0.18Nm 8000 rpm, 45000 rpm - - -
Freewheel Built-In ASNU 12mm Stieber 63 12mm 35mm 13mm 12Nm 3300 (Inner) rpm, 50000 (Outer) rpm - - 1.6Ncm
Freewheel Built-In ASNU 25mm Stieber 63 25mm 62mm 24mm 125Nm 1700 (Inner) rpm, 2600 (Outer) rpm - - 5.6Ncm
Freewheel Built-In ASNU 35mm Stieber 63 35mm 80mm 31mm 383Nm 1200 (Inner) rpm, 1900 (Outer) rpm - - 16Ncm
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